Consolidation of the UDG strategic orientation in the field of tourism

The Tourism Research Group promoted a meeting attended by representatives of seventeen research groups at the University of Girona, in order to consolidate the strategic orientation of the UDG in the field of tourism. The promoters of this initiative have set an agenda and have agreed to create a commission to support initiatives that may arise in this field, in the context of the e-MTA Campus.

The meeting, brought about by the Tourism Research Group, highlighted the strategic orientation of the University of Girona in this field of action. It was aimed at establishing coordination mechanisms to ensure that research in tourism and the ssociated transfer performed by the research groups at the University of Girona is done from a joint perspective. To do so, it is planned to present joint competitive projects, encourage relations with tourism research groups at the UIB and implement tourism-related proposals that may arise within the Campus of Excelence.

Planning of the agenda

Those attending the meeting, representing seventeen research groups at the UDG, have decided to plan a work agenda for the coming months, including initiatives such as the “Catalogue of 2012-2013 calls” for February and March. Then, after the personal interviews conducted during the following weeks, and thanks to the technical support of INSETUR, a catalog of competitive calls will be created, to which tourism-related research groups at the UdG will be able to apply. INSETUR itself is going to search partners for proposals, they will  link them to research groups at UIB, and with the help of the Far-reaching Project Manager, the necessary administrative support will be provided to them. A working meeting between the UdG and the UIB in March has also been planned. The aim of the meeting will be to strengthen ties between the actors in tourism research at the UdG, in order to establish channels for interaction and enhance the joint presentation of calls and research programs. Including both universities, a total of forty-two research groups are invited at the scheduled meeting . For the months of April and May, it is still planned to have a dynamic meeting (workshop) with companies and business groups who have joined the e-MTA Campus call (foundation boards, hotel chains, carriers, travel agents, cultural businesses, natural areas managers, among others). The main goal of the workshop is to present several lines of action of the tourism research groups at the University of Girona and encourage the creation of transfer projects.

e-MTA Tourism Commission

The e-MTA Tourism Commission is proposed as a free membership platform for researchers, with the only requirement of being part of any of the research bodies or organizations invited. It aims at strengthening the Campus programs related to tourism (Tourism Cluster, PTT, Open Data…), designing its content and assessing its effectiveness. Finally, the secretariat of INSETUR proposes to coordinate a schedule that includes several personal interviews, which will help contrasting interests, projects and agendas of the researchers and research groups involved. The Far-reaching Project Manager of INSETUR will be available to researchers for the coordination of competitive proposals and projects.

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