Agreements with Obra Social la Caixa

2013 edition of the Campus and Economic Growth program

The “Campus universitarios y crecimiento económico” pilot programme, promoted by Obra Social “La Caixa” has renewed its faith in the e-MTA Campus by developing a new contract with UIB and UdG this time focusing on the Tourism and Gastronomy sectors. The main objectives are:

  • Promote occupation and development at regional level on both areas.
  • Develop an action plan of both areas jointly with regional stakeholders and according to the needs of the UdG.
  • Develop a working framework between the UdG and the regional and autonomic community public authorities to align public initiatives with local and regional economic sector needs.
  • Establish factual cooperation with the Red CEIs Agroalimentarios (Fundación Triptolemos) within the framework of the “Dialogos” project to coordinate some events regarding Tourism and Gastronomy, and present these events’ results to the Alimentaria 2014 fair.

2012 edition of the Campus and Economic Growth program

The “Campus universitarios y crecimiento económico” pilot programme, promoted by Obra Social “La Caixa” will try to show to the society that there are many ways to solve this socio-economic crisis if we all work together and in a coordinately way, within the framework of good principles and knowledge society goodwill, with an special role of the main stakeholders involved in this programme.

This programme main objective is to give value to the role of Universities, Technological and research centres, and to the knowledge and technology transfer structures into the Spanish economic development. Reactivating public and private projects developed by the e-MTA Campus of Excellence business development managers, within the CEI framework developed by the Ministry of Education Spanish Government along the 2008-2011 period.

Within this agreement frame, the e-MTA Campus will develop and strategic plan aiming at searching for a new sectorial economic growth model through the transformation of the existing knowledge catalog created in the academic environment. This strategic plan will define an operation plan addressed to promote and facilitate sectorial growth policies in the areas where the Campus is strong that cover a wide influence regional and outside the border field, both at short and long term.

This dialog process, to achieve the possible solutions that will define the strategic plan, will be developed by the same public and private stakeholders (universities, public authorities, and all size companies) that will compound the aggregated e-MTA Campus promoters that, under the coordinating university supervision, will be invited to join this programme oriented to the tourism and water sector. The members of the e-MTA Campus will approve the strategic action plan over the next few months.

2013 edition of the Campus and Economic Growth program

The agreement with the Obra Social La Caixa, edition of 2013, focuses on developing activities prioritzed in the strategic plan designed under the previous edition of the “Campus and Economic Growth” program. These activities, funded by Obra Social la Caixa, are aimed at promoting economic growth and improving training and employment in the sector of Tourism and Gastronomy.

The stakeholders related to promotion of tourism and gastronomy were convened in two workshops, in which innovative approaches to generate activities influencing employment and economic growth in this sector were analyzed. These seminars are part of the Dialogues project promoted by CEI Agrifood Network (Triptolemos Foundation). The findings were presented at the Alimentaria Fair 2014.


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