Catching the devil

Información actualizada el 14 September 2011

The prestigious journal Nature Chemistry just published an article on the recent achievement of a group of chemists of the University of Girona. It explains how they have managed to generate, detect and study Fe(V). The article will appear in the next magazine’s issue, although it is already available in its online version.

Iron is the favorite metal for living systems to make possible many of the reactions that triggers of life such as respiration, synthesis of essential substances, the destruction of toxic substances, energy production, or fixing of atmospheric N2. Also, iron is the “perfect” metal for modern sustainable chemistry as it is not toxic. To make many of these reactions possible, iron is the only authority to develop extremely reactive species.

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The UIB students in the Master in Tourism Economy and Environment will be entitled to obtain a dual degree recognised by the University of the Algarve (Portugal)

Información actualizada el 14 September 2011

The rector of the University of the Algarve (Portugal), Dr. Yoão Pinto Guerreiro, and the rector of the University of the Balearic Islands, Dra. Montserrat Casas, have signed an agreement to create a dual master degree program that will allow the exchange of students between both institutions. The UIB students in the Master in Tourism Economy and Environment and the Algarve students in the Master in Tourism Economy and Regional Development at University will be entitled to benefit from the agreement.


An IMEDEA (UIB-CSIC) research concludes the number of «dead» coastal areas grows a five percent per year caused by the human action

Información actualizada el 2 September 2011

Two out of three marine species will see its population halved due to falls in the oxygen concentration below 2 ml oxygen per litre

This study is the result of Raquel Vaquer’s PhD thesis, advised by Dr. Carlos Duarte, Malaspina expedition coordinator

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The UIB has spun off 11 companies in order to exploit university research results

Información actualizada el 30 August 2011

The University of the Balearic Islands has spun off 11 companies in sectors such as biotechnology, information and communication technologies, food and health, renewable energy, and tourism innovation. Its aim is to exploit commercial and industrial results of the university research. The spin-offs promote the transfer of knowledge and scientific research results to business through its direct application in production processes and its marketing. These are initiatives of public support to technology-based innovation. Ampliar +


IFISC (CSIC-UIB) coordinates the FuturICT Spanish node, a project to create an observatory for crisis and social dynamics based on new technologies and supercomputing

Información actualizada el 28 August 2011

What can Twitter explain about the 15-M movement emergence and its subsequent developments? Can we understand the origin and make predictions about social and political changes, like Obama’s election or protests in Arabian countries? Are there alternative mechanisms for participatory democracy today? Are there ways to anticipate the effects a bill will have before it is approved? Can we identify specific and simple actions to reduce unemployment? What measures can prevent a crisis? Are epidemic models and associated protocols useful to manage the banking crisis? Ampliar +


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