The Water Campus defines the roadmap to turn Girona into a “focal point” on the water management

Información actualizada el 25 January 2016

This study evaluates the situation of the water urban cycle of the city and defines the actions that will mark the excellence

The town hall of Girona has a roadmap to become a city of “reference” in the integral water management. This strategic plan written by investigators of University of Girona, it will take ten years to fully implement and it includes up to 32 actions to carry out with a budget estimated of 5,5 million Euros.

In the Plan not only are gathered the supply and reparation works – the sewerage system and the irrigation ditch Monar are still outstanding tasks -, but also other initiatives of environmental issues and civil participation. According to the professor and person in charge of the study, Ignacio Rodríguez-Roda, is about “changing the consumption philosophy and the way in which the water is managed”. The plan insists on the need to bring together town halls, private agents, the university and the citizenship (the quadruple helix) in the water management.

The strategic plan “Girona is water”, it is the result of one year analysis work, that has been carried out by a multidisciplinary team of the Water Campus (composed by teachers and investigators of the University and the Catalan Institute of Water Research). The document divides the actions in three big goals: to reinforce the excellence in the water urban cycle, foster the participation of the quadruple helix and, finally, place the city of Girona as a referrer city in the water management. For each goal, the plan identifies several actions to carrying out. In total 32, which they include from improvements in the sewerage to environmental projects. To undertake the needed actions, the town hall of Girona calculates that the investment will be around 5.5 million approximately.


Professor Ignasi Rodríguez-Roda new member of the Spanish Technology Water Platform (PTEA)

Información actualizada el 14 July 2014

The e-MTA Campus scientific coordinator, professor of the University of Girona and researcher at the Catalan Institute for Water Research (ICRA) is the new member of the Spanish Technology Water Platform (PTEA) Board.

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PhD dissertation by Jordi Gabarró on partial nitritation (PN) for landfill leachates treatment

Información actualizada el 11 July 2014

The biological treatment of industrial wastewater containing high nitrogen concentrations (>1000 mg N L-1) and low biodegradable organic matter (bCOD) such as landfill leachate is nowadays challenging.Conventional nitrification-denitrification of such wastewater implies high operational costs associated with aeration requirements and external BCOD supply.

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First call for PDCiTA inter-centre PhD candidates

Información actualizada el 20 June 2014

On 27 June 2014, the first call for candidates for inter-centre PhD projects within the Doctoral Programme of Water Sciences and Technology of the University of Girona will be published.

PhD candidates should have finished their master’s degree after 2008, have good academic qualifications and be willing to carry out one of the inter-centre PhD thesis projects offered by the PDCiTA.

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Triptolemos Foundation presents the briefing:“Catálogo de fortalezas de los Campus de Excelencia Internacional adheridos a la RED de CEIs con actividad agroalimentaria”

Información actualizada el 19 May 2014

The Triptolemos Foundation has completed the “Catálogo de fortalezas de los Campus de Excelencia Internacional adheridos a la RED de CEIs con actividad agroalimentaria” as one of the instruments of CEI Campus consolidation (Management Council meeting in Cordoba RED 5 March 2014). Ampliar +


Proyecto financiado por el Ministerio de Educación, Cultura y Deporte en el marco del Programa Campus de Excelencia Internacional

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