The e-MTA Campus has participated at Hibritur Selva – Open innovation: tourism development toolkits.

Información actualizada el 6 June 2013

Last 28th May was held the Hibritur Selva Day, entitled ‘Open innovation: tourism development toolkits’, where the responsible for the Tourism Area of the CEI eMTA and director of INSETUR, Dr José Antonio Donaire, participated as keynote speaker.

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Catalan coastal planning legislation is necessary and possible

Información actualizada el 6 June 2013

In his doctoral thesis, Josep M. Aguirre defends the necessity and possibility of the Government of Catalonia using legal instruments within reach to halt development on the Catalan coast. Ampliar +


Specialisation in food biotechnology

Información actualizada el 6 June 2013

From source to consumer, the fundamental objective of technical experts in the food transformation and conservation industry is to perfect safe, high-quality processes. Achieving this goal requires strong doses of science and technology, the basic ingredients of the Master’s Programme in Food Biotechnology.

The master’s programme is organised under the auspices of the Institute of Food and Agricultural Technology (INTEA), and combines the expertise of three UdG research groups – the Plant Pathology and the Food Technology groups of the Polytechnic School, and the Biotechnology of Animal Reproduction group of the Faculty of Science – each of which has either a laboratory or a spin-off company in the Science and Technology Park. Despite this highly technical support, this 60-ECTS credit programme attracts more than 50% of its students from the faculties of science of different, especially Catalan, universities. The available places, limited to 20 to facilitate practical sessions in laboratories at the university and in the collaborating companies, are easily filled. Dolors Parés, the programme coordinator, confirms that the specialisation in food biotechnology is one of the programme’s strong points. The proper balance between science and technology makes programme specific enough to provide the training companies require and guarantees the programme a steady stream of applicants. Ampliar +


Researchers at IMEDEA (CSIC-UIB) participate in research that suggests that global warming will affect differently the Arctic and Antarctica

Información actualizada el 3 June 2013

The study by the International Laboratory for Global Change (LINCGlobal) assesses the robustness of the polar food chains against possible climate impacts

A team of researchers at the Mediterranean Institute for Advanced Studies (IMEDEA, CSIC-UIB) have participated in a research by the International Laboratory for Global Change (LINCGlobal). The study is led by the Spanish National Research Council and has analyzed the trophic relationships between 586 Artic and 145 Antarctic species. The results are published in the journal Marine Ecology Progress Series and highlight that the effects of global warming on biodiversity can be felt very differently in these ecosystems, despite having similar characteristics. Ampliar +


The TEDxUdG share knowledge and valors from the emotion and sensitivity

Información actualizada el 30 May 2013

The second session of the TEDxUdG has shown the desire to share knowledge and values ??and to do so from the emotion and sensitivity. The second edition of this event, with the title “Swell People and Ideas, Beyond University”, took place last Friday 24th at the Science and Technology Park of the University of Girona from within but also from outside the university community.

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