Professor Marilós Balaguer: “Water must be undestood as a global issue”

Marilós Balaguer Master of Water Science and Technology at the University of Girona coordinator, stands for the need to train professionals who specialize in solving problems associated with the use and management of water as well as the protection of water resources, an environment that requires an integral, scientific, technological and social approach to solve the problems associated with water. The quality of the researchers, the reputation of the LEQUIA research group, the fact that UdG was rewarded with and International Campus of Excellence and the proximity of the ICRA is of great value to the students.

“The course offers an overview that exceeds the scientific or technical knowledge that is provided individually in every different degree” said the coordinator. In order to achieve the integration goals described before, the Master of water Science and Technology accounts with a staff of researchers of the highest order, with a long history of research in different disciplines, technology, chemistry, ecology, hydrology, microbiology, economics and social sciences whose common denominator is the study of water. Throughout the range of disciplines that make up the course, students will get an overview of the water as a resource in order to be able to deal with issues related to their use in order to establish a progress on the water problem in our country, taking into account economic, social and environmental aspects that are fundamental and strategic.

Objective: to train professionals to improve the resource use

The aim of the course is, therefore, the formation of both the water diagnosis and management disciplines, by deepening the scientific, methodological and technical requirements. Professor Balaguer arguments about the importance of water as a resource: its quality, ecological status and technologies that ensure treatment and supply. It also provides a staff of teachers from different areas of knowledge that have focused their research in the field of water. Both, the importance of water and the scientific excellence of the researchers, were the reasons why, in 2011, the Water and Tourism Campus of International Excellence (CEI e-MTA), was granted to the University of Girona and its partners, not to mention the presence of the Catalan Institute for Water Research (ICRA). UdG will soon start a specific program of doctorate on water. Practitioners and researchers who wish to specialize in water must understand the issues from a global perspective, on which vision the water master program makes emphasis.

According to professor Balaguer, the distinguishing feature of the master over other similar “is its practical orientation within each module that are organized as a combination of practices, projects, case studies, studied from different perspectives, as requires the complexity of the water issue”. The master offers thirty positions making essential a selection process. The students come from various fields of knowledge, such as biology, chemistry, environmental engineering, chemistry, biotechnology, geology, electronics and pharmaceuticals, among others. During the course, students will collaborate with selected laboratories and related businesses, point that the organizers consider of a great importance. Along the school-year projects will be developed in various disciplines in order to apply not only the knowledge acquired, but the methods of analysis and diagnosis learned. The CEI award granted to the UdG provides a great opportunity to make the Water Research and Technology master become an international reference.

“We need to work more and more to get closer to the water closed-loop,” said Balaguer, referring to the need to reuse the water we consume and thanks to that, and by means of an appropriate management, vanish the threats today are drawn for the future.

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